Greenhills Newsagency: About Us


What does it mean to run a professional Newsagency?

Our journey began over 35 years ago with nothing more than dreams and determination to succeed. Since then, a roller-coaster of emotions, hardships, and excitements have presented themselves. We have been through the best of times, and the worst of times. We’ve seen dreams shattered, and dreams been reached beyond comprehension. We’ve laughed and cried alongside our families, our customers and our staff. We’ve tried many things – some have failed, some have succeeded. But we have learnt valuable lessons from every experience we’ve had.Owners

It takes a lot to run a successful newsagency; the right location, the right products, staff with the right attitude and personality to be effective and realistic.

In today’s uncertain economy, many businesses are uneasy about what the future holds. We’re taking positive steps and using this to our advantage. We also don’t believe in ‘gimmicks’. We’ve tried them, and they don’t build continuous future sales. We believe in driving the business, concentrating on the products, and most importantly, ensuring at all times we work on the business, rather than in our business, working smarter, rather than harder. This will raise our standards.

And although we have been in this business for many years, we still continue to learn new lessons each and every day.